Come and join us making Ornaments for Halloween 2013. Each month we have a different theme. You choose your chart, fabric and threads. Share your progress as you go along and post your finished piece on the last day of the month. You can join at anytime throughout the year and choose which months you wish to stitch with us. Happy stitching.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Elaine's January ornament Finish

Last night I finished my January ornament. It's from a kit of Halloween Owls on 14 ct plastic canvas. I made several changes on this one. I added the ear tufts from another owl and used the eyes from another owl. If you see my previous pic you can see the difference. I didn't think it looked much like an owl, just a pumpkin. I'm not sure if making the changes made it look anymore like an owl. It kinda looks like a cat, lol! Oh well, the theme this month was pumpkin and it's a pumpkin. I love cats too. :) I did have to do some frogging yesterday morning on it. I messed up twice on the back stitching and had to pull it out. It's really hard to see black back stitching around black stitches!I messed up on the lower eyes (twice??!) and of course had already back stitched around the black on the eyelids. :p