Come and join us making Ornaments for Halloween 2013. Each month we have a different theme. You choose your chart, fabric and threads. Share your progress as you go along and post your finished piece on the last day of the month. You can join at anytime throughout the year and choose which months you wish to stitch with us. Happy stitching.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello Everybody!

 I love Halloween and I am so excited to join this Halloween Ornament SAL 2013.   I am from Eastern Europe and I am going to open my stitching blog in a couple days.

I brought a tiny ornament for January, I have designed this pattern with a couple of others in 2010 when I started cross stitching and did not have any pattern at all.  I could do a lot better now, but stitching it brought back nice memories of that first chapter when I discovered this wonderful hobby  that I  could  not and I still cannot resist and that I adore so much! :-)

Happy to be with you along this year, I hope we all have a couple of nice Halloween ornies for the autumn!

Best wishes,


  1. What a cute design! I look forward to reading your blog...are you still designing?

  2. Lovely design. Congratulations on the finish!!!!

  3. Your ornament is adorable! What a nice finish!

  4. Thank you so much, dear girls! :-) Lynda, thank you for asking, my blog will be dedicated to my designing journey, I hope you will like the other works, too:-)

  5. It is a cute finish!

  6. You designed this yourself? It's great, I really like the quirky moon.