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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Jo's June Finish

I have literally just finished stitching and had to share immediately, he's so cute!!

There is a series of Spooky Kitties designed by Carand88 on the Deviant Art site, they are inspired by original animations by Hyraea, also on Deviant Art.

There is no mummy though, so I just stitched the basic outline of one of the others, added some horizontal lines in elongated stitches (1 thread high by 2 threads wide) to make the bandages lines, then I used two different shades of cream to fill in and some brown for his face.  He's stitched on 28 count black Jobelan.

I'll be framing him in a four apeture frame with Ghostie Kitty, Witchy Kitty and maybe Zombie Kitty.  I'm planning on putting Mr and Mrs Frankenkitty together and also a double act of the Pumpkin and Candycorn Kitties.

July is Spiders and Bats, there is a lovely Spider's Web design in JCS which is really tempting me so that is top of the list, for now!


  1. That's adorable! Would you mind listing the colours you used so I can make it myself?

    1. I would love to, but they all came out of my scraps bag so I don't have numbers for them! Basically, every kit I finish with including cover kits gets the thread sorted chopped up and sorted into colour coded bags, eg all the shades of green together, all the reds etc.
      Then for small projects like this I just grab a suitable colour and stitch with it. That's why there's two shades of cream, I didn't have enough of either colour to stitch the whole thing so I did alternate stripes in each colour.
      Sorry I can't help more!

    2. 712 and ecru would probably work well though, having thought about it!

  2. Very creative! That's the first mummy kitty that I've ever seen! Outstanding!

  3. How funny cat!! Nice work!!